Welcome to the Home of Squidge Williams - K9 Talent Extraordinaire

Squidge is a sassy Chihuahua/Westy/Yorkie mix who works great with the camera and is open to both photo and film/TV work. Given the right atmosphere, Squidge will certainly bring his mighty personality to life for you. Squidge is conveniently based out of Chicago, IL.

Squidge currently knows how to Sit, Stay, Sit Pretty (sitting on his back haunches with front feet in the air), Lay Down, and Belly. With a treat in hand, Squidge is very likely to take to the exact command you want. He can typically learn a new simple command in less than a few days.

Squidge is best reached through his guardian, Joseph Williams, by email here.

Squidge's most recent photo work has been with photographer Angela Manginelli, shot in Chicago IL.